20 Litre Private Casks

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IWith over 330 Distilleries operating in Australia now, did you know that only 17 of us make our own spirits from start to finish? 


We ferment and extract our own base alcohol on site, rather than buying it in ready made.  This more than doubles our workload compared to the average distillery but we love the quality that we can produce by doing this and it enables the quality of the final product to shine throough in the quality and flavour of the final product.m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

For the discerning whisky drinker we offer the opportunity for you to purchase your very own cask of single malt whisky that is unique and it doesn't get much more unique then your own, exclusive private cask.


$4,000 including GST and excise secures your very own 20 litre cask of Thunderbolt Single Malt whisky. Two years later, you can take possession of the spirit, now matured into whisky and given to you in a mix of 700ml or 700ml and 200ml bottles with your own custom designed label.  

What you are purchasing.

  • The contents of a 20 litre Cask (after Angel's share) when aged for two years, bottled at cask strength for delivery.   (Note: the quantity will vary slightly from cask to cask but you can expect approximately) ​29 x 700ml bottles (@46%ABV or equivalent) or the option of 22 x 700ml and 22 x 200ml bottles.

  • Custom labels made to your design.​

  • All GST and excise paid.

  • A guarantee of quality, subject to the terms and ocndistions of the 20 litre cask agreement.

  • Insurance and storage costs paid, whilst in the Distillerys control.

  • A certificate of cask ownership, 20 litre cask agreement.

  • Opportunity, by appointment, to visit your cask

  • The benfit of the Distillery staffs' knowledge and experience.  

Not included.

  • Freight costs associated with the delivery of the bottles to your requested location.

  • The use of our name

Frequently asked questions.

  • Do I get to keep the actual cask?

    • No,  but you do have the option to purchase the cask at an additionasl cost if desired.​

  • What is the Angel's share?

    • The Angel's share is spirit loss due to evaporation and weeping through the timber of the cask.  The amount of weepage varies from cask to cask and place to place.  Expect 10-15%% per annum loss.

  • Will my whisky improve if left longer than two years in the cask?

    • It may or may not improvde after two years.  We only guarantee that it will be good to drink at two years which is about the right length of time for a 20 litre cask.  Experience tells us that the optimum age for single malt spirit in a 20 litre oak cask is around 2-3 years,  but every cask is different.  This is part of the challenge of making whisky.

  •  Can I request that my cask be left to mature longer than two years?

    • Yes,  you can enter into another agreement for storage at the Distillery.  You may prefer to take some of the whisky from the cask so that you can experience the different aging characteristics of the whisky.​

  • Can I have the whisky shipped to me in the cask?​

    • No, our licence requires us to deliver whisky in bottles.  Also casks are notorious for developing leaks in transit, so it would not be a good idea to use the cask as the shipping container.​

  • Can I take delivery of my whisky sooner than two years of age?​

    • No, two years is the statutory period required before the spirit can be called whisky and goves us the opportunity to manage the maturation of your cask and guarantee the quality.​

  • Can I visit my cask while it is maturing?​

    • Yes, we always look forward to you dropping by to visit you cask!​

  • Can I pay by installments?​

    • No, payment is ful is required with your order.​

  • Can I have joint ownership with my family, friends?​

    • Yes, you can share your cask with as many friends as you like.​

  • Can I have a different mix of bottles 700ml and 200ml bottles.​

    • Yes,  but a small additional charge may be required if you wanted all 200ml bottles.​

For any other questions, please call us on +61 402 750 586